We are here for your troubles.

We don't like when you have problems with our system, we have a team ready for any problems that you have. Our support is here for you 24/7, and they are our wizards for any problems. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions section on this page, before contact our support.

I can't login into the app! What can i do?
Please check your internet on the phone, maybe you turn it off. Second, maybe our servers reached the maximal number of members, we are trying hard to allocate more resources for our customers. If you are having any other trouble, please contact our support.
The App keeps crashing! Help me !
If the apps keep crashing, it shouldn't be happening. You should contact our support. Sometimes a reset of your phone helps.
Hey, i didn't get my stacking rewards, is there a problem with the credit plus network?
Our program is executing the stacking rewards autonomous. It can happen that our cluster of servers our down for maintenance, but if after few days you still didn't get a rewards, than please contact our support.
Nothing helped, what now?
If none of the question above helped you, you are the right guy to contact our support. If the question is wordy, your question will be on our hall of question on this page.